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There's a chair available at Kut N Play just for you. If you're a licensed Barber, Hairstylist, Hairdresser etc. And are looking for an opportunity to broadcast your skills with a business with a growing media presence get in contact with us at Kut N Play by phone or email. For more information call us at (905) 497 7529

Rooms for Rent

Percentage and Base Rates Available -
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If you're a Nail Specialist, Tattoo Artist, or require a room for any other cosmetic service use, Kut N Play has a space for you. Our rooms are also available on a commission/percentage or flat rate basis for more information call us at (905) 497 7529.

Jobs and Opportunities.

This implies minimal obligation.

Ever wanted to test the waters before you dove right in? At Kut N Play we give you the opportunity to evaluate your skills and assets before being held down by agreements and jobs you may not be able to fulfill. That's why we offer a no monthly charge commission based rate for newcomers. For more information call us at (905) 497 7529


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